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The Mayfair project is a survey I worked on with Cheah Rothe Interiors. The Grade I listed building had incredible delicate and detailed wall mouldings which we photographed and drew in great detail.

Palm House

The Palm House project in Belfast was a research Project which studied the way in which we live and occupy cities, and how this affects us. The project studied the state of Post-Conflict Belfast is situated in, and the effects that this has had on mental health across the city. This combined with a lack of green space, Belfast's rich history of Palm House construction, and history of the River Lagan, Rhea designed a Palm house which would be situated on the water front, with a tropical underground garden called 'The Walkway to the Water'.

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Stoke Newington

The Stoke Newington Project is a stone throw away from the beautiful Church Street, and included a full strip out, rear and loft extension. The project was a 2 bedroom house, and the scheme transformed it into a generous 3 bedroom house with improved spatial quality. Rhea worked on this project with ROAR Architects in 2018/2019.

The Pink & Green House

The Pink and Green House is situated in the picturesque suburbs of Hampstead and was comprised of a strip out and extension. Rhea worked with ROAR Architects on this project from concept through to completition and lead the colourful Interiors of the project. Where possible Rhea upcycled materials throughout the project and designed with an ecologically friendly hat on. This project was recently completed in September 2020.

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An existing terrace house with a lack of light and efficient use of space. This project is currently in the planning application stage. The proposal is comprised of a rear and loft extension which aims to enhance the quality of light and space internally whilst connecting the internal space to a sunken garden area.

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